About the company

Why should you order diamond work from us?

Modern equipment

Modern, even since 1978 acquired diverse tools and experience combined with upright and customer-friendly operating ensures the best possible result.

Service in Finnish and English

Office serves in finnish and english. We can provide finnish, english, estonian or russian speaking diamond sawing professional for the construction site, provided the schedule can be fitted.

Fast delivery

Customers desired order, even prompt, is only a question of arrangement for us. Because in our service there are dozens of diamond sawing professionals and they have well equiped vans. We provide services for companies and private customers. There is no small job, which isn’t important for us.

We operate in the capital region

We work mainly in the Helsinki Metropolitian Area, but if necessary, we will come just about anywhere. Last year, the contracts were in Tampere, Lahti, Finland, Hanko, Porvoo, Finland, Hyvinkää, Lohja, Finland …. At one time, the furthest we were was in Russia.

About Rakennustapsa

Rakennustapsa Oy was founded in year 1978, company specialized in diamond sawing. It was founded by master builder Tapio Soramo with his friend Tapio Hynynen. The friends had started the business in 1974. Already in those days came along work manager Osmo Lunkka, whom has moved to a well deserved retirement from our company. At first, line of business was mining, civil engineering and industrial repairs and modifications, which always faced concrete and steel. So Tapio’s founded Rakennustapsa Oy:n and begun to become familiar with a new work method, alias diamond sawing, because diamond edges would achieve clean cut through in hard materials, quickly and cheaply. Because in Finland there was no good tools accessible at the time, so they went to Sweden to get education as well as tools. Rakennustapsa Oy’s Erkki Viitasalo was later designing wall sawing based on american machines. We still have in our services old troupers, from which oldest employee has lasted for 25 years in the service and so diamond work knowledge and the skill has been able to pass on the younger generation.

Later in year 1979 Tapio Hynynen resigned from business and Tapio Soramo continued alone as a diamond sawing pioneer.

Main business became diamond sawing works around year 1984.

Rakennustaito -paper article 31.10.1985 (In finnish)

In February 1987 we moved to self constructed, suitable for our needs, office space on Kehä III:n beside Tikkurilan – Helsinki’s side. Here is a good access to the greater Helsinki area and beyond.

May 2007 Tapio Soramo passed away exhausted by long term illness. At the time his son Mikko Soramo moved to the company’s management.

Tapio Soramo was also in the year of 1979 founding a company working in Nastola named Rakennuskone Soramo Oy, also 1991 first estonian company in the field of diamond sawing, Teemanttera Oy

Diamond Works from Rakennustapsa quickly if needed!

Diamond Works from Rakennustapsa quickly if needed! Our company has decades of experience in the industry. Our professional staff will handle deliveries of all sizes, assuredly and flexibly.

There is no small job, which isn’t important for us. Contact us and ask more!


Rakennustapsa Oy

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