Experienced Diamond Work Since 1978

Diamond work for all needs

Diamond work is required in reform aswell as renovation sites.

Diamond drilling entries for plumbers, electricians and AC-men. Diamond sawing pilars, beams, modify elements, make or increase size of door and window openings.

Greatest benefits of Diamond sawing

  • dimensionally accurate
  • no frame noise
  • minimal post-labor
  • speed

Special tasks

We also carry out small-scale projects a continuation of the diamond tasks.

Diamond work – sites

Diamond work is always carried out in accordance with the customer’s needs and wishes. We diamond drill, for example, electrical, pipe and IV penetrations. With diamond sawing, we enlarge window and door openings, cut pillars and beams, and modify elements to the desired size. If, for example, a concrete element comes from the factory to the construction site in the wrong size and it is noticed during the installation phase, the matter must be resolved quickly so that the work can continue smoothly. Urgent cases are almost everyday for us and we are able to react to orders very quickly.

In inhabited areas, diamond work is carried out particularly neatly

Diamond work is carried out very neatly when necessary. For example, making a hole for an air heat pump in an inhabited house with a laminate or parquet floor is carried out with great care. In populated areas, protection must be carefully taken care of and sufficient time must be allocated. After the completion of the diamond work, we also take care of cleaning the site and take the trash away with us.

Small demolition jobs as diamond work

We also handle small demolition jobs, because often demolition work requires diamond work. Larger demolition jobs are handled by our trusted partner, with whom working is smooth and effortless.

Rakennustapsa handles all diamond work with high quality and neatness, in the agreed schedule until the end. Our service is honest and friendly. We react to urgent cases immediately and take care of the necessary diamond work as soon as possible.

Diamond Works from Rakennustapsa quickly if needed!

Our company has decades of experience in the industry. Our professional staff will handle deliveries of all sizes, assuredly and flexibly.

There is no small job, which isn’t important for us

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