Experienced Diamond Drilling Since 1978


If electricity or water is not available at the site, we handle the work with an aggregate and bring water to the site in a pressure tank and canisters


Rakennustapsa has been operating in the field since 1978 – we have solid expertise in diamond work. Our workers are experienced professionals, whose work goes well, neatly and quickly.

High quality work

Expert workers and a wide range of tools guarantee a good work result. We carry out even challenging diamond drilling, such as deep and thick holes, drilling in tight spaces or oblique drilling, always with professionalism, up to 10 meters. Drill sizes vary from 12 mm to 1200 mm.

Diamond drilling from Rakennustapsa

Rakennustapsa‘s main business has been diamond drilling for decades. All of our vans are well equiped with wide variety of tools of the trade, so that sudden changes in the size of the blade does not cause delays. When every man has good basic tools with them, flexible service can be provided for the customer. Investments done during the years has made this possible.

Diamond drilling can be done in walls, floor, ceiling, diagonal/corner. Ceiling drilling example picture on the top right: Driller is working on a immersion for a spotlight in the cavity bottom. In diamond drilling is used water for cooling and dust maintenance. Dry drilling can be done also, but with the modern methods water maintenance is common practice for us. In dry drilling the blades get damaged easily and thats why water maintenance should be used. Solution will be found always; in challenging sites we would like to visit before starting the project.

Infrastructure construction side – as well as in other construction sectors –  speed and scheduling are important. As for example some well has been dug up, so just then new entry must be done. We have the right size of blades for well sealings.

Drill sizes: 12 mm – 1200 mm.

Bigger size of holes with different types of methods. Drill bit’s between 12mm – 1200mm found very large scale.

Our services are mainly used by big and small construction companies, but also individuals need diamond drills fe. building a town house. In neat conditions, even inhabited sites, fe. entry for a air source heat pump or different attic expansions projects and their entries are achieved also.

For example restaurants might have a precise time of day, when diamond works might be done, but schedules are only an arrangement question. Working with precise schedules is common for us. Customers schedule is important and we wont leave the work pending.

If site does not have power or water, just mention when ordering and diamond sawyer professional has aggregate and water pressure tank with him.

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